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Your Future, Bought and Sold Like a Stock

Tom Galvin’s Dystopian Novel “The Auction” to be Released on October 19.

Novel Imagines a Disturbing Society Where the Future of Young People is Bought and Sold, a Corporate Cartel Has Replaced Government, and the Poor are Discarded – or Worse

The Auction, a disturbing vision of a society where young people’s future is bought and sold like stocks and a cartel of powerful corporations protects those deemed value and discards the poor, will be released on October 19, Drexel Books announced today.

The Auction is centered around Sasha Cross, who dreads the attention that comes with her family’s fame and now faces intense scrutiny as her auction approaches. She’s the elite of the elite, and pays a price for it, with everyone from her father to her friends trying to exploit her reluctant fame for their benefit. While she struggles to stay out of the spotlight, her friend Jason Harris is desperate to win notoriety as an e-gamer to redeem his family after the death of his parents in a car crash – but he only can succeed if he keeps the details of that tragedy secret.

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