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Author: Tom Galvin

The Auction is a 2022 Kirkus Prize Nominee

The Auction by Tom Galvin has earned a 2022 nomination for the Kirkus Prize, one of the richest literary awards in the world, with a gift of $50,000 each bestowed annually to authors of the best fiction, nonfiction and young readers’ literature. Galvin’s novel, a disturbing vision of

Your Future, Bought and Sold Like a Stock

Tom Galvin's Dystopian Novel "The Auction" to be Released on October 19. Novel Imagines a Disturbing Society Where the Future of Young People is Bought and Sold, a Corporate Cartel Has Replaced Government, and the Poor are Discarded - or Worse The Auction, a disturbing

Viral Ethics: The Value of a Life

In the early days of the pandemic, I posed a question on Facebook at what lengths people would go to prevent a death in their neighborhood. My old CQ boss Mark Willen asked me to turn it into a post for his Talking Ethics Blog

Chasing It

Like many people, when the Sopranos ended a decade ago I wanted to ask David Chase what happened to Tony. So I did, in my own way. Chasing It tells the story of a couple desperate to know the truth behind the ending and a

Silicon Valley Now Knows What Disruption Feels Like

The election of Donald Trump sent shock waves through progressive Silicon Valley. As someone who lived and worked there, I made the case that if tech giants didn’t want more Trumps, they needed to change their approach to middle America. Read Article

The Scandal Trap

As a political and investigate journalist during Bill Clinton’s presidency, I watched how fruitless it was for Republicans to base their electoral success on a presidential scandal. This piece is a reminder of that folly when they tried it on “No Drama Obama.” Read Article