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The Auction Book Cover by Tom Galvin

The Auction

In the year 2050, America is booming—but there’s a dark side when prosperity is based on the buying and selling of the next generation’s future, as Sasha Cross is about to find out. To the world, Sasha is young, famous, and the symbol of what’s wrong with a money-first society. To the Big 7 companies that control the fate of America’s youth, she’s a sure thing and they all want a piece of her. But Sasha wants to choose her own destiny. Whether you’re an Auction elite such as Sasha or someone stuck in the bottom tier of society whose life is worth nothing to the Big 7, having a mind of your own is dangerous. As society threatens to crack under the weight of the Auction, Sasha and her fellow candidates face decisions that will define their lives—if they get to keep them. Perfect for fans of The Hunger Games and America Inc., this riveting story explores the dark side of capitalism and what happens when a person’s future becomes a commodity.

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About Tom

I relied upon my career as a journalist and technologist to create a disturbing, but realistic, vision of a future society. As a journalist, I covered the White House and presidential elections, with my stories appearing in hundreds of publications, including USA Today, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, and the New York Daily News.

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