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The Auction is a 2022 Kirkus Prize Nominee

The Auction by Tom Galvin has earned a 2022 nomination for the Kirkus Prize, one of the richest literary awards in the world, with a gift of $50,000 each bestowed annually to authors of the best fiction, nonfiction and young readers’ literature.

Galvin’s novel, a disturbing vision of a society where the future of young people future is bought and sold like stocks and a cartel of powerful corporations protects those deemed valuable and discards the poor, received a coveted Kirkus star – a recognition only 1 in 50 Indie books typically earns. By virtue of that honor, The Auction received a Kirkus Prize nomination, with winners announced in fall 2022.

According to Kirkus, a “starred review” is one of the most coveted designations in the industry, recognizing books of exceptional merit. Kirkus called The Auction, “A creepily convincing depiction of the marriage of corporate power and celebrity worship” that includes “a taut storyline of corporate ruthlessness versus grassroots resistance and fantastic SF imaginings—from the wholesale insertion of tracking chips to a massive underground system of organ harvesting. “

As a 2022 Kirkus Prize nominee, The Auction will compete against the most celebrated and respected traditionally and self-published fiction books of the next year. Raven Leilani’s Luster was the 2020 Kirkus Prize winner for fiction. The 2021 Kirkus Prize winners will be announced on October 28.

The Auction has garnered stellar pre-release reviews:

IndieReader called it, “An impressive debut novel, The Auction by Tom Galvin has enough plot twists, conflict, corruption, greed, deceit, blackmail, guilt, threats, death, violence, theft, disloyalty, bribes, rivalry, and lies to keep readers glued to the book right up to the end.”

Bryan Gruley, a Pulitzer Prize winner, Edgar Award nominee, and author of the Starvation Lake trilogy, termed The Auction a “sleek labyrinth of double-dealing characters and malevolent overlords that delivers a chilling indictment of modern-day capitalism.” hailed the novel as a “next-level dystopian thriller that is among the year’s most exciting debut novels… Galvin, a former political journalist and technologist, has created a dystopian tale with human savagery reminiscent of The Hunger Games while set in a world more recognizable as our own.”

The Auction is available on AmazonBarnes & NobleIndieBound, and everywhere else books are sold.

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About Tom Galvin

Tom Galvin relied upon his career as a journalist and technologist to create a disturbing, but realistic, vision of a future society with his novel The Auction. As a journalist, he covered the White House, Congress, and presidential elections, with his stories and opinion pieces appearing in hundreds of publications, including USA Today, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, and New York Daily News. He and his wife Jennifer split their time between the Gulf Coast of Florida and the New Jersey Shore. In his spare time, he roots for his five children and the New York Mets.

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