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The Auction Book Cover by Tom Galvin
CLUE Chanticleer: Tom Galvin's THE AUCTION Book Finalist

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The Auction

For Sasha Cross and the others like her – Hollywood royalty, superstar athletes like her best friend, Jason Harris, and genius entrepreneurs – the Auction will net them and their families millions of dollars. But for others such as Vincente Arias, a troubled kid from poverty, the Auction is a ruthless reminder of how little they control their own destinies. Vincente’s world gets turned upside down when he uncovers something suspicious that threatens to blow up the entire system.

A growing rumble of dissent threatens Sasha’s Auction season. As protests break out, Sasha faces pressure from her father – he’s broke, and parents’ retirements are funded by their children’s Auction prices – to become the face of the Auction while also trying to keep Jason on course as he becomes entwined with a lawless friend from his past who threatens to reveal a secret that will kill his Auction prospects. It’s in this ruthless world that Sasha and Jason must find their way.

As threats of a new civil war rise to the surface, Sasha faces a choice: save her family – or change the fates of every 22-year-old in the nation. In the Auction, the biggest decisions you’ll ever make in your life are at 22-years-old. Choose wisely.

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